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A Few words about us


Who we are…


We are the “Cellular Smarts Network” experts in entrepreneurship.  We love working with dreamers, believers, and achievers. People that don’t wait for opportunities but make them happen. Individuals that are intrigued by innovation and driven by integrity. Our #1 priority is to provide our members with the best opportunities, products and services that have been tried, tested and proven to help you make money.  Our network is designed to help you succeed.

our Core Beliefs set the tone for our success…

We’re dedicated to providing our members with the best long-term opportunities to earn money using their cell phones.

It’s in our DNA it’s in everything we do we say what we do and do what we say in all the relationships we build with our members and the companies we work with.

We strive to present our members with the best products and services as it relates to programs that offer our members the best opportunity to make money using their cell phones

The Cellular Smarts Network has made it our business to build a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal of being successful that’s why we strive to assist our members is reaching their goals. We understand our company is only as successful as the people in our network.

We try to make everything as simple as possible — providing step by step, easy to understand instructions to help ensure the success of everyone involved.

We openly share our Core Beliefs and welcome feedback from members in our network and companies we work with in reference to the products and services we offer.

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Our awesome features

Easy to Join

We offer a simple 3 Step Registration process for all new Cellular Smarts Network members It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Web Marketing

Each member is provided with all the marketing tools needed to be successful we make the process simple.

Desktop Friendly

Although we designed our program around the use of cell phones you can also have the option to use your desktop or tablet.

Very Easy to Customize

Each member has the power to customize and control their personal back office be simply clicking on the setting button.

Simple Instructions

Our members love how easy it is to make money with our system if you can follow simple instructions you can be successful.


Our support team is here for you we answer all of our network member support tickets via email within 24hrs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really make money using my cell phone?

Yes, once you become a Cellular Smarts Member all you need to do is follow the instructions to get started and you’ll start earning, the Cellular Smarts program provides it’s members with step by step instructions to help ensure your success.


How much money can I make?

Thats totally up to you, the amount of money you make is determined by your personal effort and the amount of time you dedicate to working the Cellular Smarts opportunity.  Because we are not a “Get Rich Quick Scheme” our program does take some time and effort.

How often do members get paid?

Cellular Smarts members get paid weekly and monthly the opportunities you choose to take advantage of will determine both the amount you earn and whether you’re paid weekly or monthly.   The best thing is you can work anytime that fits into your personal schedule.


Does it cost to join the Cellular Smarts Network?

NO!  It’s Absolutely FREE to join the “Cellular Smarts Network”, we’ll actually pay you $5 just for joining.  The great thing about our network is if you follow our instructions you can begin making money within 2 hours of becoming a Cellular Smarts network member!

Cellular Smarts Opportunity


You can make money by sharing the Cellular Smarts Network Opportunity with friends and other people that need to earn extra cash.

Portrait of a smiling young black woman sitting on floor at home with cell phone

The Cellular Smarts opportunity allows you to make money in your spare time using your cell phone when you’re at home.

Close up friends sitting at cafe looking at cell phone

You’ll be helping real people, developing real relationships, and creating real change in the lives of the people you help everyday.

Portrait of smiling man with cell phone leaning on gray wall

The choice is yours, you can work part-time and supplement your current income, or work full-time and create a significant income.

We want to introduce to you a unique opportunity to join the Cellular Smarts Network, there is absolutely no technical experience needed we provide you with step by step instructions on exactly what you need to do to be successful most people are unaware of how many people are actually using cell phones did you know that the number of  people accessing the internet using mobile phones is set to overtake the number of people visiting from PC’s.  


This trend has created an urgent need for businesses of all types and sizes to be able to reach and market products and services to the more than 2.5 Billion people that are currently using cell phones for almost everything.  This need to reach cell phone users worldwide has created unlimited opportunities for people interested in taking advantage of this huge market.

When it comes to business timing is everything, Cellular Smarts has created the perfect opportunity at exactly the right time.  The Mobile Phone Industry is the fastest growing market in the world, which means you’re at the right place at the right time.  It has never been easier to make money doing something you already do everyday!  Most people spend several hours a day on their cell phones so why not spend some of that time to earn a few extra bucks?


If you have a Smart Phone and can follow simple instructions we can help you connect with all the companies willing to pay you to work for them, so you can earn as little or as much as you want the Cellular Smarts Network provides internal and external opportunities AND YOU DON’T have to do any selling if that dosen’t suit you.

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